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What we do?

We offer integrated solutions ranging from sourcing and supply chain management, to custom manufacturing and development partnerships.

  • Highly efficient custom sourcing and supply
  • Transparent and confidential project handling
  • Quality control & analysis certificate
  • Moderator for customer and producer
  • Warehousing & logistics
  • Tailor made packaging solutions

Why choose us?

Integrated solutions for fine chemicals

  • Producer, supplier, distributor & marketer of fine chemicals with >30 yrs of experience
  • We can solve your sourcing problems through our own or third party manufacturing in the most transparent way
  • QA/QC, warehousing and certification to the highest standards

Product range

  • We can source any fine chemical you require, unlimited range
  • >450 unique products including complex organic compounds
  • Through our partners, we offer >100 unique chiral products including non-natural amino acids, peptidomimetics, aminoalcohols, pipecolic acid derivatives and much more.

Proprietary synthesis technologies

  • Process Development & Pilot capabilities
  • Strong in complex heterocyclic and chiral organics
  • Flow Chemistry: Flow reactor technology for high yield, low solvent and eco-friendly production of various fine chemicals based at our sister company
  • Enzyme Biocatalysis: Biocatalysis and kinetic resolution technology in production

Production sites

  • Kilo to Multi-ton scale production
  • Through selected prequalified partners under exclusive arrangements

Contract manufacturing and custom synthesis

  • API intermediates
  • Intermadiates and products for agrochemistry, cosmeceuticals, nanotechnology, additives, flavours, fragrances, photography, electronics industries and more.
  • We are a Technology Driven Custom Manufacturing partner for multistep synthesis for sophisticated products.

Development & commercialisation partnerships

  • Exceptionele agile assisting on short notice
  • Supplying you gram or kg scale quantities up to multi-tons
  • Rare or even new-to-earth products
  • Growing together with you at the pace of the market demand

Interested? Call +32 15 250661 or mail