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Highly efficient custom sourcing and supply

  • 30 yrs of sourcing expertise
  • Supplying all your fine chemical needs
  • From R&D quantities up to commercial lots
  • Growing with our customer’s needs
  • Excellent market intelligence and sourcing support
  • Unlimited product range, essentially all fine chemicals, subject to regulations
  • No standard pack sizes, repacking to customer specifications
Chemosyntha custom sourcing & supply

Transparent and confidential project handling

  • Over 3Projects managed within Chemosyntha Group or through our network of pre-qualified partners
  • Custom development and synthesis
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Regular status reporting to the customer
  • Full confidentiality guaranteed

Quality control & analysis certificate

  • Quality control of all incoming goods
  • Either our or the customer’s methods
  • Fully equiped lab: GC, HPLC, TLC, Titr., KF, APHA, NTU, etc.
  • All shipped goods are accompanied by our certificate of analysis

Quality control

Moderator for customer and producer

  • Performing pre-audits
    • Using in-house guidelines follewed by extensive reporting to the customer
    • Using the customer's audit methodology
  • Accompaning customers

Warehousing & logistics

  • European warehousing
  • Offering supply chain security
Warehousing & logistics

Tailor made packaging solutions

  • Repackaging and formulation to customer specifications
  • Bulk, IBC, drums, cans, bags
  • Different sizes and quantities