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Our quotations are without any liability on our part in the event of exhaustion of stocks, deletion of a stock item or a price change.

The merchandise is finally accepted as “fit for purpose” upon receipt thereof, In the event of a hidden defect any complaint, on pain of exclusion, must be lodged, by registered letter, within eight days of receipt thereof.

All purity definitions for our products are indicative and therefore subject to change. Please refer to the Eburon Organics website for the specification of the most recent lot of a specific product, although note this may not be the lot you will obtain.

Products, empty packages and waste of our products may not be returned without our prior acceptance. Product return or disposal will be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

You warrant that you accept full responsibility for the use and misuse of the product, and for the safe disposal of all product in accordance with legislation in force at the time.

You acknowledge that Eburon Organics provides you with products that may be subject to the export laws and regulations of the United States, the European Union, India, China, Australia and other countries.

You will comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the legislation of the above indicated countries. Goods may not be used directly or indirectly in the production or development of chemical or biological weapons and in the production or development of any by law forbidden products or drugs. Eburon Organics liability, whether arising from negligence, breach of contract or howsoever, in respect of this Agreement shall not exceed the price.

Eburon Organics may either refuse to accept an order, or cancel an order, in circumstances where we have reason to believe (acting in good faith) that shipment will breach a law or regulation or trigger an import license requirement or cannot guarantee a safe and compliant handling and/or delivery of the product(s).

These goods are sold in their present condition, seen and approved by the buyer. We refuse to accept any liability for production difficulties caused by the product purchased by us.

Failing any special stipulation to the contrary, all payments should be made in net, in cash, without discount. In case of delay of payment, albeit only in part, of more than eight days after the due date, the respective amounts will be increased, with good right, by the interest of 1,25% per month. In case of non-payment after a reminder by registered letter the unpaid amount will, automatically, be increased by a flat sum of 10%, with a minimum of € 40,00 and, furthermore, the contract may, at any time, be cancelled without prior notice of default with a view to recovering the balance.

The courts in Kortrijk (Belgium) shall have sole jurisdiction to take cognizance of any dispute which arises concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of contracts we are party to. Failing any explicit derogation to the contrary, the present terms and conditions of sale shall apply to the exclusion of all others, notwithstanding any conflicting general items and conditions contained in the order from our contracting partners.

The placing of an order also implies, on the buyer’s part, an unconditional acceptance of our terms and conditions of sale, despite any conflicting or other conditions of the buyer’s.

If the buyer unilaterally cancels an order, we reserve the right to demand either the execution or dissolution in which the indemnity,

If the buyer unilaterally cancels an order, we reserve the right to demand either the execution or dissolution in which the indemnity, stipulated by contract, is fixed, by the parties at 50% of the invoice of the invoice amount. The goods supplied by us shall remain our property until the price has been paid in full. A signed bill of exchange or a promissory note cannot, in that connection, be deemed equivalent to a payment. It is up to the buyer to make absolutely sure that the products do explicitly meet the intended uses for which they were bought. More specifically, for the requirements of pharmaceutical production, the buyer has to explicitly verify the suitability of the products. The buyer expressly discharges our firm from all liability in respect hereto.

All merchandise remains the property of the seller until complete payment of the sums due. All risks pass to the buyer. The payments already effected remain the property of the seller by way of indemnity for possible losses in case of reselling.